As an innovative addition to our outstanding products and services, Pit Stop proudly offers a collection of artistic custom-painted portable units. This one-of-a-kind line features themes ranging from a weathered outhouse to a clever take on a classic work of Renaissance art. From barbecues to birthdays, these beautifully painted murals will surely impress your guests, add to the party atmosphere and start many a conversation at your next gathering. Because the special nature of these painted units requires gentle care and handling, we currently make them available for private residential functions only.

See photos from the painting of “The Human Hydrant”:

Support the Arts While Taking Care of Business
Each artist receives a royalty when his or her unit is leased.

How did this all begin? For a recent metro Atlanta community arts event, five Georgia artists took on the challenge to cover these 4 x 4 x 7 (112 sq ft) expanses with their artistic visions. The resulting eye-catching paintings were a huge hit with the crowds and provided many photo opportunities for festival-goers.

Learn more about the artists:
Mary Jo Blackburn and Dianne Rovinelli (The Jungle)
Jeanne Mack (The Outhouse)
Linda Pirkle (Georgia Flowers)
Robert Rodenberger (Mona Lisa)
Anni Moller (The Bulldog)