“Pit Stop exemplifies customer service in every way possible. They constantly exceed our expectations in terms of quality and dependability. Pit Stop is also a fine corporate citizen as exemplifed by their generous support of the World Children’s Center.”

Donald H. Whitney
President and Chief Executive Officer, Corporate Sports Unlimited, Inc.
Founder and President, The U.S. 10K Classic
Founder and President, the World Children’s Center


“Pit Stop and staff has always gone the extra mile for me (Glover Park Concert Series, Art in the Park, Antique Street Festival, Fourth in the Park and the many City of Marietta events). The staff is very professional and the units are delivered on time and placed in the correct location . . . every time! Service is outstanding.

I love to share the story about how we met. In 1996 I was preparing for an arts and crafts festival on the Marietta Square (my first one) and the portable restrooms I had ordered had not been delivered. Jeff just happened to be driving by in his truck and had units on trailer. I flagged him down and after explaining my situation, he dropped off his units right there and then. We didn’t even settle up financially until a few weeks after the festival.

I am proud to recommend Pit Stop to others – we all look better as a result of your hard work.”

Carolyn Morris
Executive Director, GFEA
Event Director, Art in the Park, Antique Street Festival
Special Events Coordinator, City of Marietta