Flushable Restroom

Why not upgrade with our flushable restroom? This portable restroom gives our guests a sense of comfort and added convenience with a foot pump. One may even forget they are using a porable restroom, so why  wait, get your flushable portable restroom now. 


  • -Recommendation: (1) Portable Restroom per (10) employees based on                                                average work week
  • -Size: 4' x 4'x 8' with a 60 gallon waste tank
  • -Non-flushing toilet & urinal
  • -Dual toilet paper rolls
  • -Anti-slip flooring
  • -Single user occupancy 

  •  Upgrades for Standard Toilet

    • -Hand Sanitizer
    • -Locks
    • -Containment Tray
    • -Lighting

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